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We specialize in recruiting cyber professionals with the skills to future-proof your digital strategy.

Companies within the financial services sector are at particular risk of cyberattacks. And with hackers improving their tactics and techniques by the day, it’s important that every FS firm has access to cyber security specialists who will work tirelessly to minimise fraud, theft and disruption within their organization and on a wider scale. Reassuringly, the team at Chase International Partners have the connections and the expertise to link you with people who will excel in this business-critical role.

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Who are you?

In the past, you may have struggled to source cyber security professionals with the niche knowledge needed to ensure your protection strategies are a success. You may have lacked the confidence to compete for the best talent, or perhaps found it difficult to navigate salary expectations. As such, you want to work with a cyber security recruitment company that can introduce you to the right candidates, ask the right questions, and ensure you secure a permanent or interim employee who can deliver tangible value to your financial services business.

And that’s the key: finding a candidate who has intricate knowledge of the threats facing banks, investment banks, asset management and insurance firms. These institutions are facing big challenges when it comes to defending the information they hold on behalf of their clients, and they require cyber security experts of a higher calibre than most.

What can we do for you?

Chase International Partners is an expert cyber security recruitment agency. We have the experience and the contacts to place some of the world’s best cyber-crime experts into roles that require passion, diligence and innovative thinking.

With our extensive knowledge of best practices, and our innate understanding of the cyber security recruitment market, we will track down a candidate for your vacancy who has the specialist expertise you’re looking for. We’ll work collaboratively with you to ensure your needs are met at every stage of the recruitment process, from the moment you contact us to the second you hire your new cyber security specialist. We’ll also take every opportunity to optimize the candidate’s application experience; in many cases, this involves replacing traditional face-to-face meetings with video-led introductions and interviews at the convenience of everyone involved.

Why work with us?

Having worked in the cyber security arena for many years, we have cultivated an impressive global network of candidates, all of whom offer varying expertise in the extended fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence – two practices that are increasingly being used to safeguard financial systems. Because our dedicated recruitment consultants work with cyber security professionals, day in, day out, we are well-versed in the concepts and terminology used within the space, and this gives us a competitive edge over other recruitment agencies who lack the same insights.

If we cannot source a suitable candidate from our ever-growing proprietary database, we will actively head-hunt prospects – even those who have not yet expressed an interest in applying for a new role. It’s this kind of adaptive, proactive approach to cyber security recruitment that has established us as the go-to agency for employers of all sizes in the US and across the globe. Our reputation for building strong, long-lasting relationships also sets us apart from other recruiters in this ever-evolving sector.

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