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Reach your full cloud potential by hiring professionals with proven IT expertise.

An organization’s cloud infrastructure is at the very centre of its operations. To avoid being left behind in an economy that’s becoming increasingly reliant on digital, companies from all sectors need to be making the most of the innovative network technology now available.

However, many financial services providers struggle to migrate or manage their systems without the support of a specialist cloud professional. Chase International Partners is a specialist cloud recruitment company that helps such companies source and hire cloud consultants, project managers, developers and architects with the expert knowledge required to transform and optimise their vital cloud infrastructures.

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Who are you?

You’re in-house at a bank, investment bank, asset management company, insurance firm or fintech enterprise. You’re facing the challenge of deploying, migrating, updating or managing your cloud system – and you’re looking for a new hire who can help you meet your infrastructural objectives, now and in the future.

You understand that cloud technology is now crucial to your company’s operational success, which is why you need to recruit a cloud IT professional who can hit the ground running.

You may need a candidate with practical knowledge of public, private and cloud setups, or you could be looking for somebody with specialist experience in cloud project management, business change and analysis, capacity planning and information security. Either way, you need a consultant, architect or engineer who can tick all your boxes from day one – and who will also fit neatly into your business culture.

What can we do for you?

In the first instance, we will follow five efficient steps that will help us identify your needs as a client. From there, we will expedite the cloud recruitment process by seeking out candidates who will be the perfect fit for your project or venture. We’ll screen all applicants to ensure

We know that sometimes, the right professional is a little further afield than you imagined. Thanks to our international network, we can source cloud IT candidates who possess the exact skills you’re looking for from almost any corner of the globe. Our proprietary database is full to the brim with contacts in the US, the UK, the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, so your hire will never be limited by geographical area alone. And unlike other cloud recruitment agencies, we don’t rely on ads, forums and job boards to generate strong leads for your business – we will scour the industry to find suitable personnel, then contact them directly to introduce them to your opportunity. We find that this approach generates particularly great results when time is of the essence, and it also allows us to establish stronger, longer-lasting bonds with the people we encounter.

Why work with us?

At Chase International Partners, we appreciate the unique demands of the cloud sector. We understand the irreversible impact that cloud technology has had not only on the way in which financial services providers operate internally, but also how they interact with their clients, customers and other stakeholders.

We have a proven track record in finding and placing high calibre cloud IT professionals for financial services and fintech enterprises who are searching for excellence in their staff. Our cloud recruitment consultants have many years’ experience in hiring candidates in this niche; they immerse themselves in the cloud community every day to ensure they can establish, then nurture, connections with world-class cloud IT professionals who will be the perfect addition to any team. It’s these kinds of relationships that have led to the reputation we now uphold for our honesty, transparency and strikingly ethical way of working.

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