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Dominate your market and maximize profits by hiring a BI specialist.

Chase International Partners supplies high calibre business intelligence professionals to a financial services market that is in great need of top BI talent.

It’s no secret that exceptional BI and AI candidates are hard to come by. But thanks to our impressive international industry connections, our unrivalled experience in sourcing forward-thinking staff for finance firms and our uniquely proactive approach to BI recruitment, we can offer an exceptionally fast and accurate service that will always deliver the right results.

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Who are you?

You’re most likely responsible for the strategic development of a financial services firm, or a company in the tech or fintech space. You know that to remain competitive, you need to stay ahead of the curve – and to do this, you need to be harnessing the power of BI to better understand your operational processes and your wider market position.

You need greater business intelligence in order to support more effective decision making within your organization. The problem is, you can’t take on this role yourself. You need to recruit a BI specialist who can take to the reins of your Big Data projects and help you identify previously untapped opportunities that could lead to impressive growth. You know what you need, but you don’t necessarily know where to look for it (or, for that matter, how much you should be paying for it).

What can we do for you?

As a highly specialized business intelligence recruitment agency, we can help you find the right BI professional for your project requirements.

We will scour our network for business intelligence experts with unrivalled experience in using the latest BI technologies – including data warehouses, data discovery tools and cutting-edge cloud services – to drive FS firms forward. Our proprietary database provides us with links to highly qualified business intelligence analysts and developers from across the globe, many of whom may be looking for their next big career opportunity. We’ll place your vacancy in front of some of the most sought-after professionals in the world, then provide them with a convincing case as to why they should consider moving to your firm.

Why work with us?

Our business intelligence recruitment consultants are dedicated to serving this vertical, which means they have unparalleled knowledge of the BI and AI sectors and the skills required from professionals working in these spaces. They also understand the importance of finding staff that are the right cultural fit for your organization.

With your requirements in mind, they will use proactive methods to source the right person for your role. They will not just follow the usual channels to find niche talent. They appreciate that many busy BI professionals don’t have the time or the inclination to search through online job boards and submit their CVs manually to firms that might interest them; they know that these highly skilled individuals often wait for tailored introductions. With this in mind, our team will make active contact with the right candidates at the right time, with a view to exploring their interest and, eventually, progressing them to interview stage.

Another compelling to work with our specialist business intelligence recruitment agency is this: we aim to build strong bonds with our clients and their candidates, and as such, we take a remarkably human-centric approach to our work. Our internal culture is built on an ethos of honesty and integrity, which shapes every introduction we make and every BI professional we place. It’s a distinctively different way of working, but one that’s ensured our client relationships have become one of our most important assets.

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