Vertical Markets

We know our strengths, and we play to them.

As a company with particular interest in the finance and technology sectors, Chase International Partners services a range of key verticals to ensure our specialist expertise is always put to good use.

Primarily, we are an executive search firm servicing the financial services industry. We source front and middle office positions for all kinds of financial institutions, including banks, investment banks, asset management companies and insurance companies.

However, we also have a great deal of experience in sourcing candidates for the fintech teams and organizations that support these institutions. We can find developers, PMs, business analysts, relationship management specialists, consultants and various other professionals whose skills and the experience will elevate your business and establish you as a leading force in your space.

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Our core markets


If you’re searching for an actuary, either to fill a permanent role or to work on your business in a consultancy capacity, Chase International Partners will help you source an exceptional problem-solver who will help you tackle real-world challenges.

Cyber Security

Cyber security places arguably the biggest threat to today’s tech-heavy organizations. We will find talented information security analysts, assessors and advisors who will work to protect your business from digital threats.


Quantitative analysis is used extensively by many professionals in the financial services realm, including asset managers. Let us source a skilled quantitative researcher, analyst or developer for your team.


Integrating the latest technologies into your business to instigate change and streamline internal processes takes time and specialist know-how. We will help you find a candidate with the skills you need to drive your business forward.

Data Science

Gain in-depth insights into your business, harness the power of AI and give your organization a highly competitive edge by employing a skilled data scientist. We have connections with first-rate data scientists around the world.

Business Intelligence

Companies in the finance and technology industries are increasingly employing BI, analytics, reporting and data professionals from the board down. Choose Chase International Partners, and you’ll get access to world-class BI candidates.


A company’s cloud infrastructure is crucial to its operations – and its success. We recruit cloud IT professionals with specialist knowledge of various programming languages to ensure your organization is using the cloud to its full potential.


Chase International Partners recruits across the whole field of infrastructure. Whether you’re searching for a network engineer to head up a long-term project, a DevOps specialist to test your latest software.

Software Engineering

We will tap into our extensive global network to find a software engineer with the skills and experience to take the lead on any tech project. We recruit for programming, developing, architectural and Head of Software Engineering roles.

Sales Enterprise Software

An exemplary sales enterprise software manager will help you market your B2B SaaS software solution to corporate clients as something they simply cannot live without.

Why work with us?

Our international network of contacts ensures we have the best targeted shortlist of prequalified candidates with experience in each of these areas. After talking to you extensively about your requirements, then following our tried-and-tested five step fact-finding process to really understand your business needs, we’ll actively search for candidates who possess the qualities you’re looking for.

We don’t rely on ads and job boards to attract interest from high calibre candidates. These kinds of professionals aren’t trawling through the web every day searching for their next career-boosting role; they are waiting for the opportunity to come to them. We do of course draw upon our extensive proprietary database to find connections who meet your requirements, but for the most part, we’ll be actively networking to ensure we make valuable introductions at such a critical time for your finance or technology business.

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