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We source remarkable talent for some of the most innovative software providers in the world.

Chase International Partners has a successful track record of placing highly sought-after professionals with market-leading software solutions and SaaS providers.

Our specialist software recruitment consultants fill front and middle office positions within the areas of portfolio management, order management, trading, risk, regulatory and compliance. We regularly source business analysts, developers, project managers and relationship managers for software and SaaS companies seeking fresh talent to help them grow their venture.

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Who are you?

You’re at the forefront of the tech industry. You’re either making waves with your new software solution, or you’re about to launch a game-changing app, SaaS product or a new piece of tech. Your success isn’t down to luck alone. You have a great team around you; a team that needs to grow, and fast, if you’re going to continue to outshine your competition.

You’re searching for staff who can demonstrate a high aptitude for the tech or fintech space, and who have a thorough understanding of all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make your new innovations a success.

But although the candidate’s skillset is important to you, so is their mindset. The ever-changing nature of the tech industry demands staff that won’t just embrace change, but who are hungry for it. You need a specialist software sales recruitment company to present you with software sales professionals who not only have proven qualifications and exemplary experience in their field, but also have a demonstrable passion for their work.

What can we do for you?

Sourcing the right software sales professional with the level of experience needed for the role can be time-consuming, not to mention costly for your business. Our goal is to speed up the process – and we do this primarily by shunning traditional, mass-focused recruitment processes. Instead of relying on job boards, we’ll network with influential figures and scour our huge database of contacts to find candidates who not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

We also work to improve the candidate’s application process to ensure their experience of your company – and ours – is second to none. We do this by embracing new technologies ourselves and conducting video introductions and interviews wherever possible.

Unlike many other software sales and SaaS recruitment agencies, our focus is always on building, then maintaining, strong relationships with the people we meet. We’ve established the trust of hundreds of clients in the technology arena due to the honest and ethical way in which we conduct our business, and this approach has led to further opportunities and repeat business.

Why work with us?

What makes Chase International Partners different from other international software sales recruitment agencies is that we will head hunt the right candidates for your role. This means we can give you access to people who weren’t necessarily thinking of changing jobs, but who will be intrigued by what you can offer them. We then proactively screen every professional who expresses interest to ensure they are of the right calibre.

We’re also established experts in the field of software sales recruitment. Our staff liaise with tech influencers all day, every day, which means they have an unparalleled understanding of the kinds of candidates you’re looking for, and ultimately, where they can be found.

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