Our Vision:

Successful Business

We have a hard working yet open office where trust, humour and ‘outside the box’ thinking is promoted. The management team encourages employees to explore new ideas and propose suggestions on possible improvements or changes.

Along with our clients and candidates, our staff’s satisfaction is essential to our success so we do all that we can to ensure they enjoy being at work while still delivering consistent results.

Chase International Partners is dedicated to hiring extraordinary talent internally. We employ professionals with varying skill sets and experience in order to keep the company diverse and multidimensional while all sharing the same passion for recruitment. Building relationships worldwide, sharing our knowledge and working together is what allows the company to grow.

At Chase International Partners, we believe we have perfected the balance between encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit while also working as a team. With healthy competitive compensation structures to monthly, quarterly and yearly company incentives, our highly motivated and ambitious staff strive for the ultimate success.

Our employees are encouraged to set goals for both personal and professional development. At Chase International Partners, we assist our staff in running their own teams, opening up new sectors and even owning a part of our business. We strongly believe that with hard work, skill and dedication, everyone can achieve ambitions and surpass expectations.


What do we

Stand for?

Human Focused

At Chase International Partners we have the interest of our clients at the heart of everything we do, satisfaction all round is essential to our success.


We are always here to listen and learn. Our highly skilled team know every person’s needs are different, we will always take interest in learning about each client and candidate so our service is tailored to meet your expectations.


We have a strong desire to succeed. We have highly motivated and ambitious staff who always strive for the ultimate success. We all share the same passion for recruitment, building relationships, sharing knowledge and working together Is what allows our company to thrive/grow.


Chase International Partners is dedicated to hiring extraordinary talent internally. We have a highly knowledgeable team with many years’ experience in the financial services and IT industry dedicated to finding only the best.

Honest and Integrity

Our company bases everything on strong morals and honesty. We strongly believe in being completely transparent in everything we do, by doing so we have built and maintained valuable relationships with all our clients and candidates.

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